Lunar Frontier Manual 1 – What is Lunar Homesteading?

This is the first book in the Lunar Homestead’s Lunar Frontier Manual series.

The purpose of the this book is to explain:

  • the Lunar Homestead concept.
  • why Lunar Homesteading could be a better way to establish permanent settlements on The Moon.
  • what makes the Lunar frontier special and important.
  • the benefits of establishing a Homestead on the Lunar frontier.
  • how Earth, life, humanity and special interest groups benefit from a Lunar, and Solar, civilization.
  • and how YOU can participate directly in making it happen.

Much of the material in the book is available on the Lunar Homesteading Concept page and on the Lunar Homestead YouTube channel. Why buy the book then?

  • Purchase of the book helps support Lunar Homestead. More financial support = more research and more content.
  • The book contains information not on this website or in the LH videos.
  • The book goes into more detail.
  • The book puts all the information in one place.
  • Books make great gifts.
  • Books are cool!

Where I can buy this awesome book?

I’ll definitely put this book, and all the other books in this series, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble as soon as it’s ready. Maybe a few other sites as sell. I’ll post the links here as soon as I have them.

Outline (version 2.4 June 16, 2022)

This is a rough outline of the book. I’m sure it will change as I write it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Luna (aka The Moon) [DONE]
    1. Luna vs “The Moon” [DONE]
    2. Why did we go to Luna the first time? [DONE]
    3. Why did we abandon Luna? [DONE]
    4. Why are we going back to Luna now? [DONE]
    5. Settle Luna or Mars [DONE]
    6. Settle Luna or Near-Earth Asteroids [DONE]
    7. Settle Luna or doing nothing at all [DONE]
    8. Luna first [DONE]
  3. What is wrong with the current space paradigm? [DONE]
    1. Government centered [DONE]
    2. Military Industrial Complex centered [DONE]
    3. New Space centered [DONE]
    4. Big Science centered (exclusive to book) [DONE]
    5. Only the “elite” can play (exclusive to book) [DONE]
    6. How is Lunar Homesteading better than what we have been doing? [DONE]
  4. Lunar Homesteading
    1. Individuals and small groups not government and corporations [DONE]
    2. Lunar Homesteads not Bases, Outposts, or Cities [DONE]
    3. Settlements first then transportation infrastructure [DONE]
    4. What would a Lunar Homestead look like? [DONE]
    5. Advantages of Lunar Homesteads [DONE]
    6. Disadvantages of Lunar Homesteads [DONE]
    7. Financing Lunar Homesteads [DONE]
    8. Lunar Homestead legality [DONE]
    9. How can we make Lunar Homesteads a reality? [DONE]
  5. Lunar Homesteading “Rules”
    1. Safety is not guaranteed [DONE]
    2. Homesteading is a one-way trip (at least initially) [DONE]
    3. Cheap access to space (CAtS) is not necessary [DONE]
    4. Homesteads are small scale [DONE]
    5. Homesteads are primarily low-tech, rugged, and simple [DONE]
    6. Homesteads maximize ISRU [DONE]
    7. Homesteads are primarily sub-surface [DONE]
    8. Homestead equipment operates in a protected, pressurized environment [DONE]
    9. The rest of the “rules” [DONE]
  6. Lunar Homestead components
    1. In-Situ Resource Utilization [DONE]
    2. Habitats and Shelters [DONE]
    3. Energy
    4. Air
    5. Water
    6. Food
    7. Health
    8. Waste
    9. Transportation
    10. Communication
    11. Economics
    12. Security
    13. Lunar Homesteading Kits
  7. The Lunar Frontier
    1. What is the Lunar Frontier?
    2. Why is the Lunar Frontier special?
    3. Why is the Lunar Frontier important?
    4. Lunar Frontier challenges
      1. See Book 1: Lunar Frontier Challenges
    5. Lunar Frontier “rules”
      1. Frontiers are dangerous
      2. Frontiers are uncomfortable
      3. Frontiers are necessary
    6. Benefits of the Lunar Frontier
      1. Benefits for the United States of America
      2. Benefits for humanity
      3. Benefits for life
    7. Why live on the Lunar Frontier?
      1. Freedom
    8. Who would want to live on the Lunar Frontier?
      1. Think like a Frontiers(wo)man
  8. Why special interest groups should support LH
    1. Why environmentalists should support Lunar Homesteading
    2. Why supporters of peace should also support Lunar Homesteading
    3. Why survivalists and preppers should support Lunar Homesteading
    4. Why believers in extraterrestrial (non-human) life should support Lunar Homesteading
  9. Solar Civilization (exclusive to this book)
    1. Cis-Lunar Homesteads
    2. Mars Homesteads
    3. Asteroid Homesteads
    4. Mercury Homesteads
    5. Venus Homesteads
    6. Jupiter Homesteads
    7. Saturn Homesteads
    8. Neptune Homesteads
    9. Uranus Homesteads
    10. Pluto and the Kuiper Belt Homesteads
    11. Solar Orbital Homesteads
    12. Extra-Solar Homesteads
  10. Lunar settlement for everyone
    1. Why for everyone?
    2. YOU can get involved!
    3. Financial support
      1. Lunar Homestead Patron (and all levels)
      2. PayPal
      3. Donations
    4. Help with research
      1. LH Researcher
    5. Conduct your own research
      1. LH Scientist
    6. Volunteer
    7. Contribute ideas
    8. Join the discussion
      1. Discord
      2. FB group
    9. Shop for Lunar Homestead
      1. LH CafePress store
      2. Affiliate links
    10. Tell your friends
      1. In person
        1. Family and friends
        2. Co-workers
        3. Social activities
      2. Social media
        1. Facebook
        2. Twitter
  11. Final thoughts
  12. Resources
  13. Index (may not happen)
  14. About the Author [DONE]
  15. End page [DONE]
    1. Social media post
    2. Leave feedback
    3. Suggestions
    4. LH website
    5. Facebook and Discord
    6. Pay for book

How can I help?

You can email ( suggestions to me. All ideas will be considered. You an also join the Crew. More financial support means more time I can spend on this book and other projects.

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