Lunar Frontier Manuals

Lunar Frontier Manuals

The Lunar Frontier Manual Series will present Lunar Homesteading concepts, science, technology, techniques, and designs to the general public. I had originally thought to make these books read as if they were guides for new Homesteaders (like Welcome to Moonbase). However, there are so many things we don’t know about Lunar settlement that the books would essentially be works of fiction.

The goal is to write each book as I’m doing the relevant research. That way the books will be based on real science and will have real value to future Lunar settlers.

You may have noticed that this is the Lunar Frontier Manual Series. Eventually, I’ll get around to writing a series for Mars, free space, and other locations. Stay tuned!

LFM Series

  • Book 1 – What is Lunar Homesteading?
    • The Lunar Homestead concept is different that the current paradigm for space settlement. We’re going to enable ordinary people to carve out their destiny on the Lunar frontier instead of relying on governments, big businesses, and billionaires. This book explains the whys and hows.
  • Book 2 – Settlement Challenges
    • The Moon is a hazardous place to live and work. This book will detail the challenges Lunar Homesteaders will face in their new home as well as some of the solutions.
  • Book 3 – In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
    • ISRU is simply a fancy way of saying “using your local resources”. Lunar Homesteaders are going to have to be experts in this. This book will describe the resources available as well as how we’re going to convert them into usable products. Lunar Homestead created the SPORE concept for sub-surface mining and it will be thoroughly described in this book.
  • Book 4 – Habitats and Shelter
    • You can’t have a Lunar homestead without pressurized habitats. Plus, we need to have a place to put all the rest of our cool toys. The SPORE concept detailed in the previous book will be expanded upon, going from a simple pressure hull to a livable habitat.
  • Book 5 – Energy
    • A homestead without electricity is a dead homestead. Figuring out how to generate, store, and distribute energy is critical to establishing sustainable Lunar settlements. It’s also the focus of this book.
  • Book 6 – Air
    • TBD
  • Book 7 – Water
    • TBD
  • Book 8 – Food
    • TBD
  • Book 9 – Waste
    • TBD
  • Book 10 – Health
    • TBD
  • Book 11 – Transportation
    • TBD
  • Book 12 – Communication
    • TBD
  • Book 13 – Economics
    • TBD
  • Book 14 – Security
    • TBD
  • Book 15 – Homesteading Kits
    • Homesteading Kits are the end goal for Lunar Homestead. The vision is that any group of Homesteaders can purchase all the components necessary to build their new settlement, pay to have them shipped to their new home, and assemble them into a comfortable place to live. This book will pull all the tech from the previous books together and show how the Lunar Homestead slogan “Lunar Settlement for Everyone” is possible.

I’m also considering starting a Kickstarter (or similar) campaign to help me fund the creation of this book. I’ll post links here if that happens.

Let me know what you think. Is there something you would like me to include in the book? Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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