Lunar Homestead Courses

LH Courses

OK. There aren’t any official Lunar Homestead courses YET. But I’m working on it.

The plan is to create a bunch of related videos, articles, and papers on a particular subject. These will be released as soon as they are created. I’ll use feedback on this content to make it better. I’ll then combine this content, and add more, into a unique course.

I haven’t decided on what platform I’m going to run these courses. There are several interesting ones out there but I haven’t done the research yet.

The goal is to give certificates to everyone that completes a course and have a way for Lunar Homestead supporters to display and track their progress. I still haven’t figured all this out yet. Suggestions and ideas are welcome.

Here are the courses I’m working on:

  • Selenology 101 – Every Homesteader needs a basic understanding of Lunar geology since every Homestead has a mining component. This course won’t make you an expert Selenologist but you’ll know more than your average space enthusiast.
  • Selenography 101 (Nearside) – It’s amazing to me that most people can look at the Moon and not be able to name a single feature. This course is going to correct that. When you are done with this course you’ll be able to name and describe all the places you can see with the naked eye and binoculars.
  • Selenography 102 (Farside) – Nearside is only half of the Moon’s surface. This course will cover the other half.

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