Lunar Homesteader Training

Lunar Homestead Training

The reality is that there are no Lunar Homesteaders now. And there won’t be any in the near future either. The technology and techniques just aren’t developed yet. YOU can help move the frontier-enabling tech forward by helping Lunar Homestead.

However, we can increase our knowledge and skills while we’re waiting on the tech. That’s what the Lunar Homestead Training section is for. Expand your knowledge, stay excited, and tell others what you know. If things work out, you’ll have the opportunity to live on the Moon someday. Until then, keep learning.

To be honest, the Training component of Lunar Homestead is the primary way LH makes money. I’ve found that it’s very hard to get money for pure research as LH isn’t affiliated with a university or a billionaire. And most people just are not interested in supporting research unless they get something in return. So I spend part of my time creating content that people can buy and/or support.

Consider financially supporting Lunar Homestead if you like the content on this website, LH research, videos, courses, or the other stuff Lunar Homestead does.

Lunar Homesteader Training Resources

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Lunar Frontier Manuals – A series of books written to present Lunar Homesteading concepts, science, and designs to the general public. And to help train future Lunar Homesteaders.

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Lunar Homestead Courses – Online courses directly relevant to Lunar Homesteading. There aren’t any actual courses yet as I’m still building them.

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Public Speaking

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Other Homesteader training resources

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