SPORE Project goals

SPORE Project Goals

The primary goal of the Shielded Pressurized Oxygen Resource Extraction (SPORE) project is to prove that there is a better way to extract Lunar resources and create habitable space. Avoiding or mitigating all the hazards and challenges that accompany Lunar surface mining will allow Lunar Homesteads to become a reality faster. Plus, the SPORE technology and techniques can be modified to operate anywhere we care to settle (Mars, asteroids, other moons, etc.).

Besides the thrill of scientific discovery, what else will result from this project? Here’s an incomplete list:

  • Working scale prototype of a SPORE structure.
  • A scale mock-up a SPORE structure for public outreach and educational purposes.
  • A number of scientific papers. I’m going to try my hardest to get them published in respected peer-reviewed sources. Failing that, I’ll get them published anywhere I can.
  • I plan on at least one book being published on this topic. It will be written for a non-scientific audience and it’s purpose will be to show people that there is another way extract resources. Additionally, SPORE will be at the heart of every Lunar Homestead, allowing Homesteaders to obtain the resources they need to live AND create the spaces their Homestead needs.
  • Public outreach is a primary goal as well. It’s not enough to just do the science. We need to show people that the future can be brighter than it currently appears. Hope and vision are excellent motivators that have been sorely lacking lately.

I’m sure this project will generate many more benefits. I’ll add them here as they appear. Please email me if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Please check out the Get Involved! page if you would like to help Lunar Homestead achieve these goals (and more).

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