Manual Universal Power Supply (MUPS)

Version 1.0 June 9, 2021

Manual Universal Power Supply (MUPS)

OK, this is the general idea:

  • Homesteads need a variety of power sources. Backup options are critical and they can find out which ones work best.
  • Power can be mechanical or electrical.
  • A manual (human) powered device might be less efficient but useful during Nightspan when electrical power is limited.
  • Homesteaders are going to need exercise anyway. So why not get some useful work out of it as well?

The other part of the problem is that I still need a way to crush basalt gravel. I want to do pressure experiments for SPORE. I want to do ISRU experiments using basalt powder. There’s a lot of stuff I need to do that involves powdered basalt. Homesteaders are also going to need ways to crush basalt into powder. So, whatever methods I land on need to also be usable by Homesteaders as well. 

Here’s where MUPS comes into play. I’m thinking that a variety of manual mechanical power generating devices can be built. 

  • Recumbent bicycle (legs)
  • Arm bike (arms)
  • Push/pull bar for arms and back

These devices are mobile and can be hooked up to a variety of devices to do useful work. For example, a recumbent bicycle is hooked up to a jaw crusher. The Homesteader, or me, then pedals to crush basalt rocks into powder. Exercise and useful work at the same time!

MUPS devices could also be hooked up to water lifting devices (for kinetic energy storage), electrical generators (they won’t produce a lot though), or other devices.There’s also a potential Earth market for MUPS devices as well. Honestly, I haven’t done much research yet on what is actually currently available on the market. I could definitely use the help on that. Or on anything else you’re interested in.

That’s it for now.

Let me know what you think and if you’re interested in helping out with the research.Thanks!

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