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Weekly Lunar News and Events Roundup

Hi there. Here’s your weekly Lunar news and events roundup. Enjoy!

NEWS (Sept 26-oct 2)

NASA says Artemis launch before November will be ‘difficult’ – Well, at least it’s still intact.

Surface Microstructures Of Lunar Soil Returned Bby Chang’e-5 Mission Reveal An Intermediate Stage In Space Weathering Process – The article doesn’t mention it but the sample was taken from the northern part of Oceanus Procellarum near Mons Rümker, a huge volcanic complex. This is a mare site and definitely of interest to Lunar Homestead.

Lunar glass shows Moon asteroid impacts mirrored on Earth – Makes sense that large impact events aren’t caused by a single rock but instead by a big rock accompanied by a bunch of smaller rocks.

Aquarian Space and American Binary plan to bring encrypted internet to Solar System – Solarnet. I like it!

Space Force studying requirements for cislunar space domain awareness – CHiPs is space! I can already hear the theme song.

NASA’s Juno Shares First Image From Flyby of Jupiter’s Moon Europa – Not The Moon but at least a moon. Very cool!

Webb, Hubble Capture Detailed Views of DART Impact – Another article not about Luna but still very interesting. Hubble and Webb should observe the same objects at the same time more often.

LUNAR VIEWING (Oct 3 – Oct 9)

Oct 4 – The Moon at perigee 09:33 PDT (16:33 UTC) – The Moon is at its closest point to Earth and will appear a little larger than usual.

Oct 5 – Close approach of the Moon and Saturn 11:02 PDT (18:02 UTC)

Oct 7 – The Moon at aphelion 07:30 PDT (14:30 UTC) – Moon at its furthest point from the Sun in its orbit around the Earth.

Oct 8 – Close approach of the Moon and Jupiter 12:48 PDT (19:48 UTC)

Oct 9 – Full Moon 13:54 PDT (20:54 UTC) – Hunter’s Moon, Travel Moon, Blood Moon


No Lunar missions since the SLS launch was scrubbed. They are saying maybe in November.

EVENTS (Oct 3+)

Oct 12-13 Beyond Earth Symposium 

Oct 20-23 25th Annual International Mars Society Convention 

Oct 24-26 2022 Ascend 

Oct 24-26 Conversations For The Future – Space Money – Virtual

Oct 28-29 New Worlds 2022 

Nov 8-10 6th Global Moon Village Workshop & Symposium 

Nov 15-17 Space Tech Expo Europe 

Nov 16-17 Conversations For The Future – Workforce – Virtual

Nov 22-23 Made for Space 2022 

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Weekly Homesteader Training

Hi there. Here’s your Weekly Homesteader Training post. There’s a lot of information out there and it’s fun to learn new stuff. Plus, we need knowledgeable Homesteaders NOW so they can understand the tech we’re developing.


Beyond Earth – Well, I’ll give them points for having a big vision. And I agree with them that if humans don’t leave the Earth extinction is a “when”, not an “if”. They seem to be focused only on policy issues but Space Power Satellites is one of them so that’s OK. They’ve also got an upcoming symposium on October 12-13, 2022.

Free Space Settlement – Al Globus has some great ideas on space settlement. You should definitely read up on his small-scale orbital habitats. Heck, they could maybe qualify as Homesteads! This page has a large number of links. Some lead to interesting information and some are broken. Have fun!

Project Axis Mundi – “Our project tries to simulate a publication released about ten years after the construction of the first colonised space settlement”. OK, so this is a bit of fiction about living in an orbital space settlement. It’s not bad and their settlement is a sphere, so I like that.


MOON BASE – THE FIRST 10,000 DAYS (Timelapse) – Very graphics. And the story is pretty neat, if not very realistic. I’ll be amazed if the future is anything like this. But it’s fun to watch and might even be inspirational.

THE FIRST 10,000 DAYS ON MARS (Timelapse) – The companion video. Great if you’re a Starship fan. Again, I’d rather see the Martian frontier wide open to everyone and not concentrated in a single base.


The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Settlement – I haven’t read this book but it looks interesting enough that I decided to buy it. It looks like it has a lot of information and the reviews are good. The “Lunar Economic Development Authority” seems like a bad idea to me but that’s because I want to see the Lunar frontier wide open and not regulated to death. 


Getting to sleep in space is hard – and not exactly restful for the mind and body – It will be interesting to see if Lunar gravity will be a problem. Light we can adjust. Noise we can eliminate. Gravity is going to be a lot harder.

As NASA’s asteroid impact mission nears, similar Chinese efforts raise eyebrows – Kinetic energy weapons scattered throughout cis-Lunar space. What could go wrong? I like the Fireball map. Move one of those circles over someone’s capital and we could have had an accidental war. Something to think about.

Space Force, AFRL To Demo Mobile Lunar Spy Sat – I’ve got a hunch that cis-Lunar space is going to get militarized pretty quickly.


Planetary Defender – It’s a bit of fluff and not Moon related but seems fun. And since DART just successfully completed its mission it’s a good time to learn more about planetary defense. Which is definitely something that involves Luna.

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Weekly Researcher Resources

Hi there. Here’s your Weekly Researcher Resources post. Have fun!


Computing the minimal crew for a multi-generational space travel towards Proxima Centauri b – Neat paper that could have some use for Homesteaders everywhere. According to the study, 98 breeding settlers (49 initial breeding pairs) is enough to keep a generational starship operational for at least 6,300 years without inbreeding. That could mean that even small Homesteads could be genetically self-sufficient with a pretty small population.

Kalpana One: A New Orbital Space Colony Design – Forget about O’Neill settlements. These are things we can actually build in a realistic time frame. It’s still plenty big however. And it will require Lunar materials to build. Homesteads could probably make good money working on these.


Paths to Space Settlement – A neat article on why we should be building orbital settlements. I completely agree. A Solar civilization will have far more people in orbital settlements than on planetary surfaces.


Space Mining and Manufacturing: Off-World Resources and Revolutionary Engineering Techniques – Cool looking book. I haven’t read it but it’s on my list to eventually buy (darn you limited resources!). Anyway, I do agree with the author that space settlement can solve many of Earth’s environmental problems.


Material Properties of Regolith and Other Materials Available on the Moon, Mars and Asteroids – This is really about 3D additive construction. Personally, I think a lot of people are way to excited about 3D printing on the Moon. It’s a neat tool but not a magic wand. But a good primer video. 

China Reveals MAJOR NEW Discovery On The Moon! – So, China has discovered a new type of mineral, named changesite. Very cool. Then the video gets into helium-3 and it’s potential use in nuclear fusion power plants. We’ve known about Lunar helium-3 for a while now so this isn’t new. The problem is it’s still not cost effective to go to the Moon and get it. The other problem is that you have to process A LOT of regolith to get enough helium-3. We have no idea how to actually do this.

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