SPORE – Shielded

Hi and welcome to Settle the Solar System, a Lunar Homestead podcast.

This episode covers the first component of Lunar Homestead’s Shielded Pressurized Oxygen Resource Extraction (SPORE) concept, Shielded. I’ll cover why shielding is important, how SPORE does it, how SPORE stacks up against other shielding options, and SPORE’s other advantages. I’ll also answer “What is an Independent Scientist?”. Hint, I’m an Independent Scientist. 😉


  • [00:00] – Intro
  • [01:19] – Origin
  • [02:34] – Shielded
  • [03:33] – Lunar surface environment
  • [11:06] – SPORE location
  • [15:45] – Newsletter reminder
  • [16:29] – SPORE design
  • [17:40] – SPORE shielding advantages over other shielding options
  • [24:16] – Other advantages of SPORE shielding
  • [26:54] – Needed research for SPORE shielding
  • [28:34] – Subscriber Question – What is an Independent Scientist?
  • [31:38] – Outro

Key points

  • The Lunar surface is a hostile environment. Equipment, people, and habitats must be protected from a variety of threats.
  • SPORE provides shielding by being underground and protecting the mining area.
  • SPORE, in my opinion, is the best option for safe and efficient mining and habitat construction.
  • Independent Scientists rock! And they need your support so they can continue their valuable research. Hint, hint – Call to Action #3.

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Next episode

Next week’s episode will cover the next component of SPORE, Pressurized Oxygen. See, SPORE creates a habitable mining environment so we don’t have to design equipment to work in vacuum. Plus, we can use people to mine instead of high-tech robots.

And attempt to answer the question “What is Open Science?”.

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