SPORE – Pressurized Oxygen

Hi and welcome to Settle the Solar System, a Lunar Homestead podcast.

This episode covers the second part of the Shielded Pressurize Oxygen Resource Extraction (SPORE) series, the Pressurized Oxygen component. This component is critical because it eliminates all the problems with mining and working in a vacuum.


  • [00:00] – Intro
  • [01:08] – Pressurized Oxygen
  • [02:22] – Problems with mining in a vacuum
  • [07:07] – Oxygen source
  • [08:27] – 100% oxygen
  • [10:00] – SPORE gas pressure
  • [13:37] – Newsletter reminder
  • [14:21] – Resource Extraction
  • [17:19] – Potential disadvantages
  • [20:25] – Needed research
  • [22:49] – Subscriber Question – Luna or Mars first?
  • [28:20] – Outro

Key points

  • Engineering equipment to operate in vacuum is difficult and expensive.
  • SPORE pressurizes the mining and construction area with 100% oxygen at 48 kPa.
  • This oxygen will be obtained by processing Lunar rocks.
  • Using pure oxygen means Homesteaders won’t lose any of their nitrogen-rich breathing gas.
  • Pressurizing the environment eliminates the problems with working in a vacuum and opens up many more options.

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Next episode

Next week’s episode will cover the Resource Extraction of the SPORE concept. How SPORE will allow us to mine on the Moon safely and efficiently.

And attempt to answer the question “What is Open Science?” in just a handful of minutes.

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