SPORE for Mars

Hi and welcome to Settle the Solar System, a Lunar Homestead podcast.

This episode covers how we can use the Lunar Homestead Shielded Pressurized Oxygen Resource Extraction, or SPORE, concept to create settlements on Mars. Spoiler – it will work great!


  • [00:00] – Intro
  • [01:05] – SPORE Recap
  • [02:23] – Location
  • [03:11] – Mars surface threats
  • [06:36] – Shielded
  • [08:30] – Pressurized Oxygen
  • [09:24] – Newsletter reminder
  • [10:03] – Resource Extraction
  • [11:36] – Habitat Creation
  • [12:56] – Needed research
  • [14:16] – Listener Question – Can Mars be terraformed?
  • [21:18] – Outro

Key points

  • The Martian surface environment is just as lethal and challenging as the Moon.
  • Basalt and iron-oxides are plentiful on Mars.
  • Most of Lunar SPORE tech can be used on Mars with no modifications.
  • Terraforming Mars is a bad idea, especially with our current technology.

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Next episode

Next week’s episode will explore how we can use SPORE on other worlds in our Solar system.

And attempt to answer the question “Why are spaceships impractical for a Solar civilization?” in just a handful of minutes.

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