Space Settler Hierarchy of Needs – Part 2

Hi and welcome to Settle the Solar System, a Lunar Homestead podcast.

This episode covers the rest of the physical needs that have to be met to keep space settlers alive. I’ll also discuss why each need is where it is in the hierarchy. This is critical so we can create a realistic research path that builds upon each piece of necessary tech.


  • [00:00] – Intro
  • [01:39] – Health
  • [10:01] – Waste
  • [13:07] – Transportation
  • [17:50] – Newsletter reminder
  • [18:31] – Communication
  • [23:42] – Cis-Lunar Economics
  • [26:23] – Settlement Security
  • [28:55] – Listener Question – “Why settle the Solar system?”
  • [33:02] – Outro

Key points

  • Almost all of the technology and techniques needed for permanent space settlement needs to be researched.
  • People on Earth and people in space have basically the same needs but with different priorities.
  • We need frontier-enabling tech to open the gates and let anyone establish a home on Luna or anywhere in the Solar system.
  • YOU can help move us closer to real space settlements.

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Next episode

Next week’s episode will be an overview of Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU):

  • What is Lunar ISRU?
  • Challenges
  • What we can expect to find and where
  • What kinds of end products we’ll want and what we can use them for
  • And more (meaning I haven’t thought of them yet)

And answer the question “What should we call the Moon”.

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