Lunar ISRU Overview Part 1

Hi and welcome to Settle the Solar System, a Lunar Homestead podcast.

This episode covers Part 1 of the Lunar ISRU Overview. We’re not going to have settlements if we can’t figure out how to keep them alive using their local resources. In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) is how we’ll do that.


  • [00:00] – Intro
  • [01:48] – What is ISRU?
  • [02:34] – What is Lunar ISRU?
  • [03:15] – Lunar Homestead Lunar ISRU Research Path
  • [05:15] – Environmental Conditions
  • [08:36] – Available Resources
  • [12:46] – Resource Extraction
  • [14:55] – Newsletter Information
  • [15:35] – Material Transportation
  • [16:53] – Physical Processing
  • [20:46] – Powder Transportation
  • [21:30] – Listener Question – “What should we call the Moon?”
  • [25:35] – Outro

Key points

  • ISRU tech can be used, with modifications, just about anywhere in the Solar system.
  • The Lunar surface is a hard place to conduct ISRU.
  • Using Lunar Homestead’s Shielded Pressurized Oxygen Resource Extraction (SPORE) concept will eliminate or mitigate the surface challenges.
  • Lunar ISRU is going to mainly consist of mining and extracting resources from rocks.
  • Lunar gravity is going to present a unique challenge to Lunar ISRU tech.

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Next episode

  • Next week’s episode will cover Part 2 of the Lunar ISRU Overview. I’ll cover the chemical extraction step as well as the steps to produce usable end material.

I haven’t decided on the Listener Question yet.

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