Lunar Iron Habitat Expenses

Lunar Iron Project Expenses

The Lunar Homestead Lunar Iron Habitat project is pretty small-scale right now, so the expenses aren’t too great. But I’ve got big plans which will require more substantial funding in the future.

Some items on this list are repeated on other project expenses pages. That’s because they are for Lunar Homestead in general.

List of current and future expenses:

  • Scientist’s salary (that’s me!) – This is critical. I can focus my time and energy here, doing research and other important activities, instead of earning money doing something else.
    • Amount – $65,000 for 2019.
      • According to Indeed, the average salary for a “scientist” is $86,435 per year. I realize that I’m new to this and don’t have a proven track record yet. So I’m setting my goal at $65,000 for 2019.
  • Database and research access –  The Internet has an unbelievable amount of good resources available for free. So do public libraries. Unfortunately, some of the “good stuff” is hidden behind paywalls. I’ll need access to these resources if I’m going to conduct good research.
    • Amount – $0
      • Right now I’m using the Internet and library access to find the research materials I need. That’s going to have to change in the near future.
  • Equipment – Research often requires specialized equipment.
    • Amount – $0
      • I’ve been using my personal equipment so far. In Phase 3, however, I’ll start conducting physical experiments. That’s going to require buying equipment I don’t have.
  • Materials – Research consumes resources. Regolith simulants, metal, etc.
    •  Amount – $0
      • So far I’ve only been doing literature research. In Phase 3 I’ll start physical experiments.
  • Travel – I’ll need to attend conferences and events to get Lunar Homestead research in front of the public and my peers.
    •  Amount – $0
      • Travel isn’t an issue right now.
  • Public outreach – A big part of what I want to do with Lunar Homestead, and the Lunar Iron Project, is public outreach. I want to get people excited about the future again.
    • Amount – $0
      • I haven’t started the public outreach component yet.
  • Marketing Lunar Homestead, Lunar Iron Project, and Lunar Iron Project book – Whatever I do here won’t have much value if the world doesn’t know about it. I’m not a fan of marketing but it’s a necessary evil if I want  Lunar Homestead to have a significant impact (and I do).
    • Amount – $100
      • Right now I’m starting to use free sources of marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.). In the future I’ll need to look into other ways to get the word out.
      • $100 – Hosting this website.

Please check out the Get Involved! page if you would like to help Lunar Homestead make permanent Lunar settlements a reality.

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