Research Partners

Research Partners

There is so much we don’t know when it comes to Lunar Homesteading. Or space settlements in general. Sure, there are the big questions like “how well are humans going to adapt Lunar gravity”. But there are also many small questions. Such as “how are Homesteaders going to wash their clothes” and “how are Homesteaders going to take care of their teeth” to “what kind of lighting can be made from 100% Lunar resources”. And a million other things we really need to figure before Homesteaders start showing up. Very few people are actually working on finding the answers.

And that’s where you come in. 

Lunar Homestead was conceived to be EVERYONE’S way to participate in the permanent settlement of space. The vast majority of us won’t ever work for NASA or another government agency. We won’t work at SpaceX or some other space corporation. So far, we have had very few options to actively participate besides public outreach and trying to influence politicians.

Research Partners are people like you and me. People willing to put in the time and effort necessary to make Lunar Homesteads a reality.

Research Partners are INDEPENDENT of Lunar Homestead. This is important because I’ve had enough people say they want to work on LH projects and then flake out. I used to call it Crew-led research but I’ve scrapped all that. Now, I do my research and Research Partners do their research and neither of us rely on the other to get stuff done.

The goal is to create community of like-minded explorers, all working on critical components for Lunar settlement. We exchange ideas, mentally (and emotionally) support each other, and collaborate when our projects intersect.

Lunar Homestead is YOUR chance to conduct real, valuable research. Research that could determine how and when we see the first permanent Lunar settlement. Even if you personally aren’t “bending metal”, you can help those that are. Ideas, suggestions, contacts, money, resources. These are all vitally important if we want to see forward progress.

  • You don’t have to be employed or trained as a scientist. In fact, it might be better if you’re not. Many of the solutions we need will require “out-of-the-box” thinking. Non-scientists and non-engineers are more likely to come up with something new, clever, and crazy. Just what we need.
  • You don’t have to conduct experiments to have a huge impact. Finding out what’s already been learned on a certain topic and gathering all the information and sources in one place is also research. All you need is access to the Internet, curiosity, and time. Your contributions can go a long way towards putting actual technology “on the shelf” for future Homesteaders.
  • You don’t have to own a fancy lab (or lab coat) to conduct research. Small scale is the key. Small, but critical, experiments can be conducted in a garage or shed or on a table in the corner of the room.

Right now, we have far more questions than answers. Sure, there are A LOT of good ideas out there. But very few of them have actually been researched. Very little of the technology our Homesteaders need is actually “on the shelf” at this moment. That’s the goal of Lunar Homestead.

Research Partner requirements

  • You must be a supporter of Lunar Homestead at the Research Partner level. The reason for this requirement is that helping your project succeed is an investment of my time. It also helps weed out people that aren’t really interested. $10 each month isn’t a lot of money (it’s about the cost of a single fast food meal), especially if you’re doing something that is enjoyable and has real scientific value.
  • Research Partners are INDEPENDENT of Lunar Homestead. Research Partners run their own projects using their own resources.
  • That’s it.

Current Research Partners

Be the next Research Partner! Contact Lunar Homestead Founder Ben Smith at

What types of projects can you start?

  • Internet research – It may sound silly, but collecting links and references to articles relating to problem is a huge help. The solution to every problem starts with finding out what we already know. Doing this kind of research provides a great foundation for further research.
  • Literature research – Going beyond the Internet to reading and using academic resources such as papers, peer-reviewed articles, journals, trade publications, etc. These are usually harder to read and are often hidden behind a paywall. This type of research greatly enhances Internet research.
  • Theoretical research – Come up with solutions using all the data and ideas we can find. You don’t have to build anything but try to be as detailed as possible. Run some calculations. Draw some sketches.
  • Practical research – Get your hands dirty! This type of research is actual experimentation and invention. Build some stuff and try it out!

All of this research has value and is immensely useful. You don’t have to quit your job to contribute meaningful research. Do what you can, when you can.  

Advantages of being a Research Partner with Lunar Homestead:

  • Weekly posts delivered to your email – See some examples of Supporter Posts
  • Research help – Science is hard. More hands and brains are better. Science can also be lonely. It’s good to have sympathetic people to talk with. Sometimes it’s useful to have someone to talk ideas through.
  • Access to the Lunar Homestead Discord server with access to the Research Partner only channel. Let’s talk science and figure this stuff out!
  • Community – Join a group of people passionate about Lunar settlement.
  • Lunar Homestead website – Each of your projects will get it’s own page with links to your website (if you have one). It’s a place to showcase your research while consolidating all of the information we need in one place (Homestead Database).
  • Updates for your project will be included in the Lunar Homestead weekly email newsletter (if you let me know what you’ve done the previous week). 
  • Active projects may be mentioned in LH videos and podcasts (currently under construction).
  • Projects will be mentioned (at the discretion of LH) in LH outreach efforts.
  • A copy of the LH Research Manual e-book. Now you can start researching Lunar settlement tech! You’ll receive updated versions as long as your membership is current. This book is still being written but Chapter 1 (Internet Research) is finished.

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