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Lunar Homestead weekly newsletter September 16-22, 2022

Hi there! This is Ben, founder and lead scientist at Lunar Homestead.

Welcome to another edition of the Lunar Homestead weekly email newsletter. I’m glad you’re here.

NEW Lunar Homestead Content

Settle the Solar System podcast

The second podcast is out! In “Space Settler Hierarchy of Needs – Part 2”, I talk about the rest of the physical needs that have to be met to keep space settlers alive. I also discuss why each need is where it is in the hierarchy. This is critical so we can create a realistic research path that builds upon each piece of necessary tech. You can hear the episode at the LH website.

The podcast is also on Podchaser, a podcast review site. It would be a huge help if you could create an account there, give positive feedback for Settle the Solar System, and click “Follow”. I know it’s a lot but it will help Settle the Solar System get more listeners and followers. And that will help me and Lunar Homestead.

Still waiting on approval from Apple Podcasts and some other podcast platforms. I’ll give Apple another week and then I’ll re-submit. However, Settle the Solar System is now available on the following platforms:

Spotify – I can’t find a link but it’s there if you use the Spotify app.

Amazon Music

Google Podcasts


Podcast Index


Player FM

Tune In

Please follow and leave a review on whichever platform you use. Thank you!

Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee supporter posts

All three supporter posts went out on schedule. Supporters received links to Lunar-focused news articles, websites, articles, papers, videos, events, and Lunar viewing. You can learn more at Lunar Homestead’s Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee pages.

UPCOMING Lunar Homestead Content


I’m writing podcast #3, “Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) – Overview”. It’s going to cover what Lunar ISRU is, the challenges we need to overcome, what resources we can expect to find and where, and what kind of end products we want and what we can use them for. Plus, some other stuff I haven’t thought of yet.

The listener question is “What should we call the Moon?”. This is actually a pet peeve of mine so watch out!

The episode will be posted and available for download on October 6, 2022.

Discord Live Sessions / Office Hours

I’m thinking about implementing some sort of online live meetings for Lunar Homestead supporters. Let me know what you think.

Settlements of the Solar System

I’m also thinking about writing an e-booklet titled “Settlements of the Solar System” and including as free content for people signing up for the newsletter. I’ll write about some of the very cool places humans can establish Homestead within the Solar system. Some info about each place, why settlers would choose to live there, some of the challenges they would face, and how they could actually make it happen. I just thought of this today so I don’t have any more info. Of course, current subscribers would get a copy as well. Thoughts?

Lunar Homestead Research Update

Not as much as I would have liked. I did start putting my workspace in order so I can start working on a SPORE scale model. I know, I could get software to do this virtually. But I learn better using my hands. And I think a physical working model will help more. For this first model I’m thinks very small scale and made mostly out of wood. Future models will increase in size and eventually use iron. I need to finish my ideas and put it on the website. Then I need to start making it.

I want to also start posting a weekly research idea article to the website. Something short but very specific that could be the start of a research project. Just too much to do and not enough time. Hopefully next week.

Research Partners Update

Nothing new as there are no Research Partners at the moment. I don’t know why. Everyone seems to have opinions on what we need to do to establish permanent settlements. This is an opportunity to actually do something about it. Sign up as a Lunar Homestead Research Partner and let’s get to work on your idea (or ideas).

Lunar Homestead Other Activities Update

I’m done working on a Statement of Work for Lunar Homestead to assist in the organization and running of the Moon Society’s Lunar Development Conference next year. Now waiting on my potential partner to add his input. I think it will be a good opportunity to get Lunar Homestead in front of a lot of “space people”. My plan is that more eyeballs > more newsletter subscriptions > more Settle the Solar System listeners > more Lunar Homestead supporters.

I’ve updated the Money page and added a Supporter Rewards page. Hopefully they will clarify things a bit more and entice people to financially support Lunar Homestead.

I’ve also started re-working the Swag for Lunar Homestead. The CafePress store was such a mess that I just ended up deleting all of it. I need to do something better with it. That seems like a “next week” problem.

I’ve also downloaded Inkscape. It’s a free and open-source vector graphics editor. I figure I’ll need it to create new images for Redbubble and other graphics. I like that it uses vectors. That way I can make images any size I want without worrying about pixelation. Although I still like Paint and Paint 3D. Again, something new to figure out that can wait until next week.

Finally, Lunar Homestead is now an Amazon Affiliate. I’ll start using affiliate links were appropriate. All this means is that LH will get a very small payment from Amazon if someone uses my link to buy a product. It doesn’t cost the buyer anything. It’s simply a “finder’s fee” for directing customers to Amazon. I’ll start incorporating it into the website and posts soon.

Call to Action

Lunar Homestead research and content creation is primarily funded by people like you. Both of these activities consume time and money.

Almost all research grants are closed to independent scientists and very small companies. And the ones that are available are very difficult and time consuming to get. And I’d rather not pursue advertising sponsors because I think you deserve better.

YOU can directly support Lunar settlement research by financially supporting Lunar Homestead. Go to the Money page and select one of the Monthly Support options (Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee). It’s free, easy, and fast to set up an account with either one. Just click on the link, find a membership level that excites you, and click on the Join button. You’ll be asked to set up an account or sign in if you already have one. Follow a few steps and you’re done! Thank you so much!

Why Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee? Because credit card processors cost money and these two offer other benefits as well. Let me know if you’re rather use a different processor. I’ll think about adding it.

Lunar Homestead Social Media

I’m not as active on social media as I should be. That will be changing soon. In the meantime, here are the links to the Lunar Homestead accounts. It would be great if you can take a look and then follow them.

Facebook: Lunar Homestead

LinkedIn: Lunar Homestead

ResearchGate: Ben Smith

Academia: Ben Smith

Twitter: Lunar Homestead

Instagram: lunarhomestead

That’s it for this week. Let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can make this newsletter more useful to you (format, content, etc.). Or if you just want to talk. You can reach me at

See you next week!


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