Supporter rewards

Thank You!

Let me tell you what your money supports:

  • I can spend more time researching the tech Homesteaders need and creating content, like the Settle the Solar System podcast.
  • Purchase of equipment and supplies needed to conduct experiments and build prototypes.
  • Pay specialists to handle all the activities that I don’t have the skills, time, or inclination to do.
  • Pay for outreach and education efforts.
  • Pay for all of the support expenses such as web hosting, podcast hosting, domain registration, newsletter emails, and other stuff.

See examples of exclusive Lunar Homestead Supporter Posts

Now, here’s what you get when you support Lunar Homestead:

Lunar Homestead Patron – $2/month

LH Patron Supporter
  • Exclusive weekly Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee post.
    • The LH Weekly News and Events Roundup will keep you informed on Lunar-related activities. All in one post.
  • Full access to the Lunar Homestead Discord General channel. I’m usually on during regular business hours. Let’s talk about Lunar and space settlement!
  • Help support the Settle the Solar System podcast.
  • Watch Lunar Homestead content with Ad-Block guilt free. 🙂
  • My gratitude and the gratitude of future Lunar Homesteaders.
  • A great level if you want to support Lunar settlement but don’t want to get involved.

Homesteader – $5/month

LH Homesteader Supporter

A primary goal of Lunar Homestead is train future Homesteaders so they will be ready when the tech is available. 


  • Exclusive weekly Patreon post.
    • The LH Homesteader Training post contains articles and websites that I run across during my research. You’ll learn something new every week without all the effort of actually hunting for it.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you helped make Lunar settlements a reality!
  • A great level if you want to support Lunar Homestead content and prepare yourself for the future.
  • And everything from the previous funding levels!

Research Partner – $10/month

Lunar Homestead Research Partner

We need to figure out a lot of stuff before humans can safely live on the Moon (or anywhere else besides the Earth). At this level you can be a Lunar Homestead Research Partner. Start, and run, your own research project (if you want to) and advance human knowledge. Lunar Homestead will help you do it! The universe doesn’t care if you have a PhD or a fancy lab. It only gives up it’s secrets to the stubbornly curious. Obviously, you don’t have to be interested in doing research to support Lunar Homestead at this level. But we can work together if you are.


  • Exclusive weekly Patreon post.
    • I come across a lot of interesting papers and books during my research and I share them with you in the Researcher Resources post. 
  • Help with your research project – Science is hard. Sometimes it helps to have someone to talk ideas through. Learn more.
  • Access to Discord, including a “Research Partner” only channel. Let’s talk some science!
  • Community – Join a group of people passionate about Lunar and space settlement.
  • A page for your project on the Lunar Homestead website with links to your website (if you have one). You can showcase your work while contributing to the Homestead Database.
  • Updates for your project will be included in the Lunar Homestead email newsletter.
  • Active projects may be mentioned in LH content.
  • A copy of the LH Research Manual e-book. Now you can start researching Lunar settlement tech! You’ll receive updated versions as long as your membership is current. This book is still being written but Chapter 1 (Internet Research) is finished.
  • A great level if you want to conduct research that hasn’t been covered by LH yet. Or if you’re simply excited about space settlement research and really want to help.
  • And everything from the previous funding levels!

Thank you for spending the time, effort, and money to make Lunar (and space) settlement happen. You are awesome!

There are several other levels available on Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee but they don’t have rewards associated with them yet. They exist in case you really want to help Lunar Homestead create the tech necessary for us to settle the Solar system.

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