Getting from the Earth’s surface to Low Earth Orbit is a huge challenge. But there’s plenty of people working on that problem so I’m not going to worry about it. Our Lunar Homesteaders are going to need transportation options once they are in space and on the Lunar surface. And they are going to need to be able to build most of each vehicle themselves.

Transportation Posts

Lunar surface

  • Hopper
  • Walker
  • Wheeled
  • Rail

Lunar sub-surface

  • Lunar Deep Roads – Imagine a vast network of SPORE tunnels connecting settlements and resources. All deep under the Lunar surface.
  • Rail

Lunar surface to/from Lunar Orbit

  • Rockets
    • Lunar oxygen thermal
    • Lunar oxygen + powdered metal
      • Iron powder
      • Aluminum powder
    • Hybrid – Landers spring + Lunar oxygen/aluminum
      • Springs only – sub orbital surface-surface
      • Springs + rocket = Lunar orbit
  • Mass driver
  • Sky hook
  • Stored kinetic/steam catapult – launch from Luna – simple, no fuel, 100% Luna built

Lunar Orbit to Low Earth Orbit

  • Rockets
  • Solar laser sails
  • Cis-Lunar cycler

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