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The Resources page is where I’m parking all the links to resources that contain information about Luna that I use regularly. Individual resources (like papers and books) that I have actually used are linked at the bottom of the relevant page.


I (and LH) belong to a few space related organizations. Some I’m active in and some I’m just a member.

  • The Moon Society ( – Currently I’m a Director and the Membership Coordinator. We’re a small group with big ideas. And we could use your enthusiasm and time. I also wrote a post a long time ago.
  • Moon Village Association ( – An international effort to figure out how to construct a Lunar settlement. I’ve joined but haven’t figured out how to get LH involved.
  • Lunar Exploration Analysis Group ( – LEAG assists NASA in it’s Lunar exploration objectives. I joined because it’s free but I don’t know how involved LH will be with them.
  • National Space Society ( – I joined primarily for the discount to the International Space Development Conference (ISDC). The Ad Astra magazine is a nice bonus!
  • CosmoQuest ( – Citizen science! You can catch them on their Twitch site. They also run Astronomy Cast, which is a great way to find out what’s happening in space science. I can’t wait to see what they’ll work on next.


I had a huge list of papers, books, and other documents listed here. Then I realized that it wasn’t useful to me or anyone else. And it just bummed me out that there was sooooo much stuff I still needed to read. Instead, look for reference literature at the bottom of the relevant pages.


Lunar and space organizations/companies/information sites – I’ve decided that adding these to The Moon Society website makes more sense as I’m running their Partners program.

Space news



Lunarpedia ( – Maintained by the Moon Society. It’s kind of bare but it has great potential. I’m a member and actively working on making Lunarpeda the definitive place to find Lunar information.

Lunar samples

NASA Curation: Lunar ( – Everything NASA has on the Lunar samples they collected.

Handbook of Lunar Soils (

The Lunar Sample Compendium (

Lunar Sample Database (

Lunar and Planetary Institute – Lunar Samples ( – Contains much of the same information as NASA Curation: Lunar

A LOT of old papers regarding Apollo samples – (

Lunar images, data sets, and maps

NASA Image Gallery (

Lunar and Planetary Institute -Lunar Images (

Lunar map catalog (

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (

Lunar Web Mapping Application (

Map-a-planet Explorer: Moon (

Moon Zoo crater data ( – I don’t know how useful this data will be but I hate the idea of duplicating someone else’s effort.

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