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The Resources page is where I’m parking all the links to websites, books, etc. that contain information about Luna that I either use regularly. Individual resources (like papers) that I have actually used are linked at the bottom of the relevant article.

Space news

Lunar organizations

Lunar companies

Lunar information sites

Space organizations

Space companies

Space information sites

Professional organizations and conferences




Lunarpedia ( – Maintained by the Moon Society. It’s kind of bare but it has great potential. I’m a member and actively working on making Lunarpeda the definitive place to find Lunar information.


Reference books

Lunar Sourcebook ( – The first place I look for Lunar information. It may be a little old but it’s still the most the best source for Apollo data.

Handbook of Lunar Materials ( – Another great resource for Lunar geology.

Geologic History of the Moon ( – THE resource for how Lunar geological (selenological) features formed.

A Global Lunar Landing Site Study to Provide the Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon ( – Lots of good information about what we know, and don’t know, about Luna.

Space Resources: Vol 3 Materials ( – This book is my new best friend when it comes to moving and processing Lunar regolith.

The Lunar Regolith ( – A nice little document with lots of information on….wait for it….Lunar regolith.

Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentology ( – A little old (1976) but full of information that is still relevant.

Extraterrestrial Materials Processing and Construction ( – This book is awesome. So much good information. This will be my go-to book when I get to phase 4 and 5.

International Deep Space Standards ( – Standardizing spacecraft equipment is GOOD idea and at the core of Lunar Homesteading. It’s good to see some progress being made.


Lunar samples

NASA Curation: Lunar ( – Everything NASA has on the Lunar samples they collected.

Handbook of Lunar Soils (

The Lunar Sample Compendium (

Lunar Sample Database (

Lunar and Planetary Institute – Lunar Samples ( – Contains much of the same information as NASA Curation: Lunar

A LOT of old papers regarding Apollo samples – (


Lunar images, data sets, and maps

NASA Image Gallery (

Lunar and Planetary Institute -Lunar Images (

Lunar map catalog (

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (

Lunar Web Mapping Application (

Map-a-planet Explorer: Moon (

Moon Zoo crater data ( – I don’t know how useful this data will be but I hate the idea of duplicating someone else’s effort.


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