For this section, communication covers more than just exchanging information. Lunar Homesteaders are going to be on Luna for the rest of their lives (probably). They need to be connected to the rest of humanity. They will consume and produce entertainment. They’ll need access to education opportunities. They’ll probably also want access to social media and porn as well. We need to figure all this out before they’re 384,000 km (240,000 miles) away.

Communication Posts


  • Homestead
  • Personal
  • Vehicle


  • Radio
  • Laser
  • Video
  • Internet
  • Local networks
    • Wireless
    • Wired


  • Lunar-based sports
  • Lunar made musical instruments
    • Steel drums
    • Chimes
    • Percussion
    • Wind (no reeds ?)
    • String (metal strings and metal body)
  • Art
    • Paint
    • Tools
    • Decorative tiles
    • Paints
    • Stained glass
    • Textured/embossed metal panels
    • Wire art
    • Glass beads
    • Furniture


  • Homeschooling for Lunar children
  • Lunar University

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