Homestead Database

Homestead Database

Welcome! This Lunar Homestead Database is where I collect all the knowledge we have about the technology and techniques needed to establish Lunar Homesteads. Well, as much as I can get my hands on anyway. My goal is to have as much information as possible in one place, even if it’s only links to information or simply references to documents. I also want to gather as much data about Luna and it’s environment.

You can help!

Data, ideas, references, and all other types of Lunar information are scattered all over the place. Some are easily accessible on the Internet. Some are hidden behind paywalls. Some are only found in out-of-print papers and books. We need your help in consolidating all this information into one place.

Lunar Homestead is collaborating with The Moon Society on their flagship project, Lunarpedia. Lunarpedia is like Wikipedia but for everything Luna related. You can put your research directly into Lunarpedia where everyone can use it. The Moon Society is a great organization. I’m an active member. I recommend you consider becoming a member as well. Lunarpedia is one of the projects I support.

Lunar Homestead puts it’s ideas, experiments, research, and results on Lunarpedia. You can too.

Homesteader Tech

Lunar Homestead Kits

Lunar Homestead Kits – The ultimate goal of Lunar Homestead is to have physical Homestead “kits” that groups or organizations can purchase. These kits will contain all the hardware, how-to manuals, and designs the Homesteaders will need to make their settlement thrive.


Lunar Homestead Tools – Manual and powered tools that Homesteaders can make and maintain using local resources.


In-Situ Resource Utilization – Learning how to use the resources we find on Luna.


Shelter – You can’t have a Homestead without pressurized space. Other types of shelters are also important.


Energy – A Homestead without energy is a dead Homestead.


Air – Obviously we have to pressurize our habitats with stuff we can breathe.


Water – Critical to the physical and mental health of Homesteaders. Also critical to industrial operations.


Food – Importing food from Earth is a losing game. Homesteaders need to eat 100% Lunar-grown food.


Health – There’s no point in doing this if we can’t keep people healthy and happy.


Waste – Human, heat, food, etc. All waste needs to be feed-stock for another process.


Transportation – There are lots of other people and organizations working on Earth to Low Earth Orbit transportation. We’re only concerned with Lunar surface and from Luna to Lunar orbit or L2.


Communication – Lunar Internet, radio, education, computers, etc.


Economics – It’s not just the technical stuff we have to solve for. Homesteads need to be financially sustainable as well.


Security – This is actually going to be pretty important but I put it last because it also probably the most controversial. Humans will still behave poorly, even in space. Homesteads must be prepared.

Lunar Science


Lunar environment – Radiation, extreme temperature changes, low gravity, and more.


Selenography – The study of the geography of Luna.

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Selenology – The study of the geology of Luna.

General information

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Technology Readiness Levels – Just a basic description of TRLs.

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Lunar Homestead Experimental Location – I’ve selected the Apollo 12 landing site as our default location for our hypothetical Lunar Homestead.

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Inspiration – Sometimes I just need to recharge my Lunar settlement research batteries.

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Resources – Databases, books, websites, news sites, etc.

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