What your money supports

Science takes money. Lunar Homestead doesn’t have the backing of billionaires, large universities, or near-limitless (although fickle) government funding. What we do have is YOU.

You want to see Lunar (and/or Mars) settlement in your lifetime. Maybe you want to GO. Unfortunately, we have a lot of work to do be before any of that actually happens.

Lunar Homestead is doing that work. The Lunar Homestead mission is to advance the Lunar Homesteading concept and put Lunar settlement technology and techniques “on-the-shelf”.

We need your money to keep researching. We also need your time, brains, and energy because there’s far too much to do. We need you to take on research projects. We need you to volunteer. We need you to participate and help us create an active community.

Here are some of the things that your financial support enables:


  • Research is at the core of Lunar Homestead. Our mission is to figure out the tech needed for permanent Lunar settlement and make it available to everyone.
    • Internet/Literature research – Just figuring out what we already know can be a difficult task. Data and knowledge are scattered all over the place. Much of it is behind paywalls and not available to most people.
    • Theoretical research – Taking what we know and coming up with new ideas.
    • Experimental research – Actually building things and trying out the new ideas. Working prototypes are the end goal of Lunar Homestead. We want complete, “on-the-shelf” designs that anyone can build.
  • Crew research
    • One of the fundamental Lunar Homestead concepts is that EVERYONE can help make space settlement a reality. The only way we’re going to see permanent Lunar settlements happen is to get many people involved in the research. There is just so much we need to figure out.
    • You can help with Lunar Homestead research.
      • Join as a Researcher and get involved with specific projects.
      • Help us gather data and information into one place.
      • Join discussions and help come up with new ideas and ways to implement them.
      • Conduct simple, small scale experiments to help move the project further.
    • You can conduct your own research project.
      • Got a great Lunar settlement idea? Or a topic you’re really interested in? Join LH as a Scientist and let LH help YOU research it!
      • LH will create a unique page (or pages) on the website and channel in Discord for your project.
      • We’ll work together to figure out how and what we’ll need to research.
    • Student research
      • Not implemented yet but in the works.
      • The idea is to create small, simple research projects for classes and individual students.
      • These projects will teach students AND produce usable data/ideas.
    • How many other organizations want you to get personally involved with their research?
      • NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and the rest of New Space aren’t interested in your ideas or desire to move the tech forward. They have employees for that. The best you can do is be a cheerleader.
      • There are a few non-profits and groups working on settlement tech that are looking for volunteers. What makes LH different is that we are specifically working on low-tech solutions that most people can understand and work on.
  • LH website
    • A key component of LH is Open Science. All of our research is freely shared with the world on the LH website.
    • The LH website is the central location for everything needed for Lunar Homesteads.
      • We consolidate data here.
      • We post content here.
      • Eventually, we’ll post blueprints, designs, and videos of working prototypes here.

Public outreach and education

  • The only way Lunar Homestead is going to work is if we can get a large number (preferably thousands) of people to support it and participate.
  • I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not great at this and it’s not really my thing. I’m much more interested in the tech. So, we can really use your energy and time if this is YOUR sort of thing.
  • Access to the LH Discord server
    • Join a Lunar settlement community.
    • Daily (more or less) links to Lunar-specific news articles.
    • Help research a variety of topics.
    • Create your own research project and get others to help you.
    • Be a key player in deciding how Lunar Homesteading should evolve.
  • Patreon posts
    • Daily (again, more or less) posts on what’s happening (events and volunteer opportunities) and cool stuff I find while researching (papers, books, websites, and articles).
    • Early access to LH content. Learn about or start working on stuff 14 days before the rest of the world.
  • Public speaking
    • Conferences
      • LH has presented at the Moon Society’s 2020 Lunar Development Conference (LDC) and the Mars Society 2020 Annual Conference.
      • LH provided a presentation for the Moon Village Association 2020 Conference.
      • Creating good presentations takes a lot of time and effort. The goal is to have PowerPoint, white paper, and video presentations on all LH topics and projects.
    • Presentations
      • Lunar Homestead has already started presenting its ideas to small groups. I would like to do lots more.
    • Interviews
      • No interviews yet but we’re working on that!
  • Publications
    • Future books will include a Homestead Cookbook, Exercise book, and Art book.
    • White papers and articles explaining key LH topics.

We plan on doing a lot more. However, we need more financial and volunteer support. We need YOU.

Please consider Joining the Crew and getting involved if what we’re doing here at Lunar Homestead excites you. We can’t wait to meet you.

Please email me at ben@lunarhomestead.com if you have any questions.

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