Volunteer at LH

I could use your help with some of the non-research work here at Lunar Homestead. Sure, research is the focus and it would be great if you wanted to help with that. But there’s a lot of “behind-the-scenes” stuff that needs to be done as well.

All volunteers need to be LH Crew. Why you ask? Because there are a lot of flakes out there and even a token $2/month commitment will keep most of them from wasting our time. Dealing with people that don’t really want to do any work can be a huge drain on time (and patience).

Volunteer Opportunities

Graphic art

Obviously! My stick figures work but it sure would be great to have some better looking images. We’ll work together to create amazing images that show what we’re working on and our vision of Lunar settlement. All forms of art (digital, painting, crayons, etc.) are welcome.

You’ll get full credit and attribution for anything you create. We can also work on selling your art if you that interests you.

Video creation and editing

Again, I can create videos but they really aren’t the best. Some skilled help would be most welcome.

Web design

You’re here so you can see the extent of my web skills. It works but I’m sure we can make it better. All suggestions, and help, are welcome.

Social media

I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to social media. I’d rather work on stuff that excites me than learn how to use apps I’m really not interested in. But if YOU are excited by Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest then we need your skills here.


The more people that know about Lunar Homestead, the more help we’ll get and the more money we’ll have to do stuff. I do some marketing but I don’t have the time to focus on it.

You don’t need a degree or work experience to help. Although both would be really useful. Contact me and we’ll figure out what you’re comfortable doing.


Content, content, content. I spend a lot of time writing articles, papers, and other stuff but there’s always more to write. Both non-fiction and fiction are needed. Of course, you’ll own anything you create.

More to come! Please email me at ben@lunarhomestead.com if you have any ideas or suggestions. Or if you just really want to help.

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