Start a research project

Start a research project!

There is so much we don’t know when it comes to Lunar Homesteading. Or space settlements in general. Sure, there are the big questions like “how well are humans going to adapt Lunar gravity”. But there are also so many small questions. Such as “how are Homesteaders going to wash their clothes” and “how are Homesteaders going to take care of their teeth” to “what kind of lighting can be made from 100% Lunar resources”. And a million other things we really need to figure before Homesteaders start showing up.

And that’s where you come in. 

See what Lunar Homestead research projects are currently in the works.

Want to research something else? Great! Why not start your own research project? You design it and implement it. We help you succeed. 

What types of projects can you start?

  • Internet research – It may sound silly, but collecting links and references to articles relating to problem is a huge help. The solution to every problem starts with finding out what we already know. Doing this kind of research provides a great foundation for further research.
  • Literature research – Going beyond the Internet to reading and using academic resources such as papers, peer-reviewed articles, journals, trade publications, etc. These are usually harder to read and are often hidden behind a paywall. This type of research greatly enhances Internet research.
  • Theoretical research – Come up with solutions using all the data and ideas we can find. You don’t have to build anything but try to be as detailed as possible. Run some calculations. Draw some sketches.
  • Practical research – Get your hands dirty! This type of research is actual experimentation and invention. Build some stuff and try it out!

All of this research has value and is immensely useful. You don’t have to quit your job to contribute meaningful research. Do what you can, when you can. And we’ll help. 

Advantages of starting a research project with Lunar Homestead:

  • Existing infrastructure
    • Lunar Homestead website – Each of your projects will get it’s own page. We’ll create and update it together.
    • Discord – Each of your projects will get it’s own Discord channel which Crew Members can access. Get help and feedback. Let us know how your project is progressing.
  • Let us help – Science is hard. More hands and brains are better. Science can also be lonely. It’s good to have sympathetic people to talk with.
    • My help with your project – I’m no mastermind but we’ll figure it out together.
    • Enlist the help of the Lunar Homestead Crew – Ask for help in Discord.
  • Exposure for your project
    • Your project will be displayed here, on the Lunar Homestead website.  And you’ll be part of our expanding network.
    • You project will be included in the Patreon Weekly Update post. 
    • Active projects will be mentioned in the LH Podcast (currently under construction).
    • Projects will be mentioned (at the discretion of LH) in LH outreach efforts.
  • Funding help – Lunar Homestead doesn’t provide funding. But we can figure out your options and help you get funding.
    • We can work together to set up your own Patreon account and link it to your LH project page.
    • Give (and get) funding ideas and help in LH Discord workspace.


  • You must be a current Lunar Homestead Crew – Only Crew in the “Lunar Scientist” tier or higher can start a independent research project. The reason is that helping your project succeed is an investment of my time. It also helps weed out people that aren’t really interested. $10 each month isn’t a lot of money (it’s about the cost of a single fast food meal), especially if you’re doing something that is enjoyable and has real scientific value.
  • That’s it. I don’t care how crazy your idea is. It may end up being just what we need to make this work.

Please contact me if you are interested in starting a project or have questions/comments/concerns.

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