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Members of the media requiring additional information about Lunar Homestead, space settlement, or space science in general should contact Ben Smith (

Organization Information

I’m not sure a one-man effort could be considered an organization.

Established in 2018. At least that’s when I consider it established. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time.

Located in Tampa, Florida.


Owner and Lead (and only) Scientist: Ben Smith (see Bio)

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Media mentions

National Space Society – Downlink e-newsletter – August 12, 2020

St. Louis Space Frontier (STLSF) – “It is hypothesized that a shielded pressurized oxygen resource extraction (SPORE) project can mitigate or eliminate lunar environment challenges: lunar dust, radiation, vacuum, thermal extremes, and meteoroid impact. On July 31, 2020, STLSF hosted Lunar Homestead Owner/Scientist Ben Smith’s presentation “SPORE: Resource Extraction and Habitable Space Creation” with password %y0cvX7L. SPORE was developed to avoid or minimize the difficulties of getting iron out of lunar rocks, creating habitat pressure hulls, and mining lunar surface regolith. At a ≥ 10-meter depth from the lunar surface within the mega-regolith, SPORE creates a shielded environment from regolith dust, radiation, and thermal extremes; minimizes meteoroid impacts; and requires humans rather than complex robots. This safer underground environment is made habitable with pressurized oxygen of the amount of 100% oxygen to 48 kPa (i.e., 6.96 PSI). Resource extraction is completed in the mega-regolith with low-tech tools and people because gravity causes difficulties for machines on the lunar surface. As excavation moves forward, a permanent structure is built to line and support the habitat pressure hull, which is then sealed. After Ben’s presentation, the attendees asked many questions and engaged in an in-depth discussion of the concepts presented. STLSF Board Member Christine Nobbe coordinated this meetup and informed the members of their next meetup at 7:00 p.m. CDT on Friday, August 28, 2020.”


Lunar Homestead color logo
Lunar Homestead color logo (Homesteader holding the Moon with a plant sprouting from it)
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Lunar Homestead logo

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