Lunar Homesteading is a new concept for most people. We’ve been conditioned to think of Luna (The Moon to most people) as a lethal place that only major governments and large corporations can visit. Sure, in science fiction humans are like weeds. We can survive anywhere in the solar system. But we’re told that in the “real world” it will take billions (or trillions) of dollars and years (or decades) to create long-duration bases (or outposts) on the Lunar surface. And so it seems because it has been a LONG time since humans have even visited Luna.

I don’t think that has to be the case. In this section I’ll try to lay out my ideas as simply and logically as I can. Let me know what you think.

Also, please send me an email (ben@lunarhomestead.com) if you have a question that I haven’t answered yet. Maybe it will end up in the FAQ and help lots of other people.

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Lunar Homesteading Frequently Asked Questions

There’s more information on Lunar Homesteading in my book series “Lunar Homesteader’s Survival Guides“. I decided to keep some things exclusively for the book instead of posting everything here. Nothing critical to the LH mission. Just stuff that gives more context or adds some depth. I figure I need to have something unique to the books.

Topics only found in the books include:

Lunar Homesteader’s Survival Guide: Book 1 – What is Lunar Homesteading?

  • Why did we go to Luna the first time?
  • Why did we abandon Luna?
  • Why are we going back to Luna now?
  • What is wrong with the current space paradigm?

Independent Scientist Frequently Asked Questions

I figure since I’m calling myself an “Independent Scientist” I should also try to define that term as well.

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