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Members of the media requiring additional information about Lunar Homestead, Lunar/space settlement, Lunar science, or space science in general should contact Ben Smith (

Organization Information

Established in 2018.

Lunar Homestead used to be located in Tampa, FL. It is now currently in Oxnard, CA.


Founder and Independent Lunar Settlement Scientist: Ben Smith (see Bio)

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Press Releases

None yet.

Media mentions

National Space Society – Downlink e-newsletter – August 12, 2020

St. Louis Space Frontier (STLSF) – On July 31, 2020, STLSF hosted Lunar Homestead Owner/Scientist Ben Smith’s presentation “SPORE: Resource Extraction and Habitable Space Creation”.

A24 Films – Notes “zine” – Issue #24 (

Interview article on Lunar settlement. Ben Smith was there as a Moon Society representative.

Public Speaking


Lunar Homestead logo
Lunar Homestead logo
Lunar Homestead logo

Lunar Homestead color logo (Moon with plant enclosing crossed wrench and pick). The plant represents the life we’ll bring to a currently lifeless Moon. The wrench is for the research and inventing that are the primary reasons for Lunar Homestead’s existence. And the pick is because every Lunar settlement (Homestead or other) will need to have a mining component to survive.

“Lunar Settlement for Everyone” has two meanings. First, the Lunar Homestead concept is built on the idea that anyone should be able to settle on the Lunar frontier. Not just the elite government astronauts or paid corporate employees. ANYONE with access to the right technology and techniques should be able to start a Homestead. Second, anyone can contribute to researching and developing Lunar Homestead tech. Research shouldn’t be the exclusive domain of PhD’s, universities, governments, or corporations. Anyone can help us move Lunar settlement forward.

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