LH Revamp Post 3

LH Courses

OK. Day 3 of the revamp. Woo Hoo! Today’s revamp includes:

  • Another post! Just 9 more and all the old posts will be pushed off the Home page.
  • Tell your friends was updated. So, now go out and tell some friends about Lunar Homestead!
  • Shop for LH changed to Shop. Makes things a little simpler. The CafePress shop needs some work but that’s a project for later. And I need to start adding affiliate links. But that’s also a “future Ben” problem.
  • Added the Partners page. LH is going to start doing more collaborations with other space settlement organizations. Not only will we get more accomplished by working together; it will also keep me motivated and accountable.

That’s it for today. More changes tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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