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LH Revamp

Hi everyone. It’s been a while since I posted to the website. That’s not good and it is changing today.

The first step is to strip the website, and LH, of all the distractions so I can focus on research.

  • Settle the Solar System has been removed – The podcast was taking a lot of time and nobody seemed all that interested. I’ll eventually move all the episodes to the LH YouTube channel.
  • Newsletter has been removed – Again, a time-sink that didn’t receive much interest. I’ll probably start it up again later once the research is firmly underway again.
  • Made a new banner. I had originally used the Apollo LEM and rover as a way to add visual interest to the banner. Now I think it’s too distracting. And it doesn’t really convey what LH is doing. The new one is simpler. Let me know what you think.

By March 22 I will have looked at every page and post on the website. They will either be updated, completed, or deleted. The goal is to the have website ready for the upcoming marketing efforts.

I’ll be adding regular updates on the progress. Stay tuned!


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