Activity Update June 4, 2020

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know what I, and other Crew members, have been working on since the last update.

LH Activity Update

If you are reading this, and you think LH has value, then please join the LH Crew. The Patron level is only $2 per month (which is pretty insignificant for most people) and every little bit helps.

LH Business

  • No time today.


  • Continued to work on the PowerPoint presentation.
  • Ordered a couple of grinding wheels and a metal container from Amazon. I saw a video where a guy used a grinding wheel and a drill to break up rock so he could pan the dust for gold. Once I get the wheels I’ll head to Home Depot to get the threaded rod and fasteners. I’ve also come up with a design for a wood frame to secure the metal container. Hopefully, I’ll be crushing rocks by the end of next week.
  • I also ordered a Dewalt angle grinder so I can get the rod to fit in my drill. Plus, if this fails then I can adapt my new angle grinder into an impact crusher. Plus, I’ve wanted a good angle grinder for a long time and I deserve a shiny.

Homestead Database

  • No time today.

LH Survival Guide

  • Worked on the “Energy” section. Some progress but not as much as I would like.

Moon Society

  • Work on the Lunar Development Conference
    • No meeting last night.
    • Talked with one of the people (Doug Plata) helping put on the conference for about an hour.
  • LH/TMS Lunar Motor Design Contest
    • Worked more on the proposal.
  • Partner Program
    • Nothing.
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