Activity Update June 2, 2020

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know what I, and other Crew members, have been working on since the last update.

LH Activity Update

If you are reading this, and you think LH has value, then please join the LH Crew. The Patron level is only $2 per month (which is pretty insignificant for most people) and every little bit helps.

LH Business

  • No time today.


  • OK, I need to figure out how to grind up the basalt needed for the experiment. I’ve been putting it off because of the pandemic (going to Home Depot for parts, going outside the apartment building so crush rock, etc.). Unfortunately, this thing is going to last for a long time. Time to get back on the rock crushing research.
  • I started looking at where I left off and planning my next move.
  • I also did a little work on my LDC presentation.

Homestead Database

  • No time today.

LH Survival Guide

  • Worked on the “Energy” section. Got it outlined and about a quarter of it written.

Moon Society

  • Work on the Lunar Development Conference
    • Attended an hour meeting on using EventBank as our event management software.
  • LH/TMS Lunar Motor Design Contest
    • This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Today I started actually writing it up. I plan on announcing it during the Lunar Development Conference. First I have to write up a solid proposal to present to The Moon Society leadership. My goal is to have it ready by Monday of next week.
  • Partner Program
    • Nothing.
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