Activity Update May 11, 2020

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know what I, and other Crew members, have been working on since the last update.

LH Activity Update

If you are reading this, and you think LH has value, then please join the LH Crew. The Patron level is only $2 per month (which is pretty insignificant for most people) and every little bit helps.

LH Business

  • My new computer is awesome! It’s taking a lot of willpower to actually do work instead of pew-pew.


  • None.

Homestead Database

  • None.

LH Survival Guide

Moon Society

  • Work on the Lunar Development Conference
    • Responded to a few emails from potential presenters.
  • Partner Program
    • Added Lunar Homestead. For real this time. The last update I forgot to remove this.
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