Comprehensive ISRU Process

This is a working document Outlining the entire Lunar Homestead In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) process. From raw, untouched Lunar regolith and mega-regolith to refined materials ready to be used. I’m not going to include anything that LH wouldn’t use (like huge surface strip mines).

This is a work in progress and I will be adding to it constantly.

Resource extraction and processing

  • Starts with untouched regolith and mega-regolith
  • Extracting the regolith and mega-regolith
    • SPORE
      • SPORE Project Outline
      • Overcoming Lunar gravity for SPORE excavation activities
        • Magnetic locked boots
        • Mechanical locked boots
        • Add iron weights to waist/legs/boots to add overall mass
      • Dust control
        • Water spray
        • Atmosphere (oxygen) circulation
        • Electrostatic
        • Dig deeper (get away from regolith dust)
    • Tools
      • Manual hand tools
      • Electric hand tools
      • Pneumatic hand tools
  • Moving the regolith and mega-regolith from the extraction site to the processing equipment
    • Tools
      • Manual tools
        • Bucket
        • Hand truck
      • Electric tools
      • Pneumatic tools
  • Physical processing of extracted regolith and mega-regolith
    • Crushing
    • Particle size separation
      • Electro-static – fine dust
      • Mechanical (sieves)
      • Vibration
    • Fine dust removal – hazardous to people and machines
      • Fine dust may have a higher concentration of adsorbed volatiles
    • Benefication
      • Magnetic
      • Electro-static
      • Glass – nanoparticles of iron are in glass agglutinates
  • Volatile extraction
    • Heat
    • Distillation
    • Types of volatiles
      • Water
      • Hydrogen
      • Carbon
      • Nitrogen
  • Chemical processing of powdered regolith and mega-regolith to produce refined materials
  • Ends with refined raw materials in a usable form
    • Melted or hot basalt
    • Oxygen
    • Iron
    • Aluminum
    • Silicon
    • Titanium
    • Resource storage


  • Starts with refined raw materials
  • Fabricate Pressure Hull Components
  • Ends with finished “stuff”
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