Dayspan and Nightspan activities

Lunar Homesteads are going to rely on solar as their primary power source. That’s a challenge because the Lunar night lasts 14 days. Homestead activities will naturally fall into energy intensive and energy restricted categories.

Separating activities into day and night cycles isn’t my original idea. I’m pretty sure I first read it in Peter Kokh’s Moon Miner’s Manifesto. That’s probably where I also picked up the terms Dayspan and Nightspan. Thanks Peter!

Dayspan activities

  • Mining (automated)
  • Crushing (automated)
  • Melting
  • High temperature processing

Nightspan activities

  • Mining (manual plus counts as exercise)
  • Crushing (manual plus counts as exercise)
  • Paperwork
  • Maintenance
  • Light industry (manual tools)
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