Advantages of Lunar Homesteads

Lunar Homesteads sound pretty cool, right? Or maybe you’re thinking that it’s all a bunch of unrealistic dreams and rubbish. Maybe you’re still undecided. Fair enough. Let’s go over some of the advantages that Lunar Homesteads might offer.

Advantages over other paradigms

I think Lunar Homesteading offers substantial advantages over the current paradigm. Some of this stuff I’ve already covered.

  • Everyone can participate. From smaller governments to specialized groups to enthusiastic individuals.
  • Uncoupled from politics, government funding, NASA, and SMIC.
  • Utilizes the power of New Space without hyper-focusing on establishing markets first.
  • Cheaper than government or corporate concepts.
  • Quickly design and test the technology needed for Martian Homesteads. Accelerate the settlement of Mars.
  • Quickly design and test the technology needed for Orbital Homesteads and settlements. Accelerate asteroid mining tech.
  • Lunar Homesteads will be the foundation of the cis-Lunar economy. They will be the primary producers and consumers.
  • We can get functioning settlements sooner.
  • Survivability. Lunar Homesteads are designed to become as self-sufficient as possible. If something happens with Earth, they will at least have a chance to make it.
  • Homesteads will be under the control of the settlers, not a far-off government or corporation.
  • Much of the LH tech can be adapted for use on Earth. Water and waste treatment and recycling systems; limited resource agricultural systems; and energy generation and storage systems to name a few.
  • Multiple, smaller settlements are more redundant and diverse.
  • Gets people excited about space again. Anyone that wants to help can find a useful role. People stopped being excited about space settlement when they started being shut out. Talk of Lunar, Martian, and orbital settlements turned to Space Shuttles and Space Stations. Those are cool but not at all the same. Highly trained experts, connected politicians, and rich people go into space now. And nobody is settling the frontier. No wonder people aren’t interested anymore. There’s no personal connection.

Advantages of living in a Lunar Homestead

This isn’t a comprehensive list. It’s just what I’ve got so far. Any reasonable additions are welcome.

  • The environment will be healthier. We’ve turned the Earth’s atmosphere and waters into unplanned and uncontrolled chemistry experiments. For example, persistent organic pollutants are toxins that negatively impact human (and other) life and are found almost everywhere [69]. DDT, PCB, and dioxins are just a few. If we do it right, Homesteaders won’t ever let this crap into their habitats in the first place. Their air, water, and food will be much safer and healthier than Earth’s.
  • Less radiation exposure. By design Homesteads will protect their inhabitants from solar and galactic cosmic radiation (GCR). The heavy shielding will also protect people from microwaves, radio waves, and other radiofrequency radiation. While the science may still be out on how harmful these are; they probably aren’t healthy. Maybe between less toxins and less radiation Homesteaders will experience less cancer overall.
  • The lower gravity might have health benefits. We really don’t know how the Lunar gravity will affect life from Earth. There will probably be some advantages and disadvantages. People with mobility issues might enjoy 1/6G. Circulatory and joint problems might be less pronounced. We won’t really know until we get there.
  • Lunar Homesteaders won’t be directly affected by the Climate Crisis (please do your own research if you think it’s a hoax). They can watch from a safe distance the increasing global temperatures, fresh water shortages, extreme weather, food production disruption, increased forced human migrations, and much more. Of course, all of this could make rocket launches and resupply missions more difficult and expensive.
  • Lunar Homesteads will also be safer from some of the other threats we all face here on Earth. Nuclear war (who’s going to target small Lunar settlements?), terrorism (there will be a lot more hoops for them to jump through to get to the Homesteads), pandemics (much easier to isolate a Homestead on Luna), and economic disruptions are just a few. Sure, any and all of these can put a serious hurt on a Homestead (depending on how self-reliant they are and how built up the cis-Lunar economy is) but they probably won’t be directly impacted.
  • Lunar Homesteads will have a much larger amount of freedom. Their societies will be able to develop in their own ways out on the Frontier. Sure, some will end up being rather strange (maybe even dangerous). However, some will be pretty amazing.
  • Homesteaders can be part of creating a Lunar and Solar civilization. Helping to create a whole new civilization can be your life’s work. It can be a passion and a calling. There are people that would give up a lot to be a part of something like that.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot of advantages. Let me know and I will add them here!

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