Activity Update February 18, 2020

LH Activity Update

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know what I, and other Crew members, have been working on since the last update.

LH Business

  • I restarted work on defining Lunar Homestead. There’s a lot of things I want to create by the end of the month, because I also need to create documents (and other things) for Lunar surface hazards and SPORE.
  • Here’s what I worked on:


  • Still waiting to hear from the other two manufacturers. The one I’m really waiting on is United Nuclear because I think their ball mill is probably the way to go.
  • It’s been brought to my attention that I have been focusing too much on SPORE and neglecting all the other stuff I need to have finished before ISDC 2020. And it’s true. I want to have a lot of stuff written and in place before I go speak there at the end of May. I’d rather have all the infrastructure in place and minimal SPORE data than lots of SPORE data and LH not where I want it to be. So, I’ll be spending a lot less time on SPORE for the next couple of months.

Crew-led Research

  • Nothing today.

LH Survival Guide

  • Updated the LHSG: Book 0 – What is Lunar Homesteading? page. I’ve added a lot of new stuff and changed some stuff. This book, and it’s associated posts, are the new priority for me. I really need to have this book done by middle of March at the latest so I can start on Book 1: Lunar Hazards and SPORE documents. I need all of this stuff finished before ISDC so I can use them as references.


  • I started working on all the documents, videos, and other stuff I want in place before I speak at ISDC 2020. The first step is making a list of everything I want. Then I’ll start breaking each thing down into Action items.
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