Lunar SPORE Project Update 44

SPORE Project Update

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on the Lunar SPORE project.

Work on the project today:

  • Home Depot day. They didn’t have the basalt gravel so I ordered some online to be delivered to the store. I did buy some safety gear (impact goggles, dust masks, gloves with knuckle protection), the beginnings of rock breaking gear (4 lb hammer and a tarp), and a tote to hold everything in. I decided to not buy a sledge hammer until I know that the smaller hammer won’t cut it (or crush it in this case).
  • I also bought a set of screen sieves from Amazon. The smallest is a #230 which is 63 microns. This is a good size to simulate the fine regolith. Not the dust though; that stuff is really small.
  • And I think I’ve figured out the particle size distribution for the experiments. Three sizes of particles: gravel (about 19,000 microns) (I won’t need to break these up, mid (4000 microns), and fine (63 microns). I’ll also run each mix with: no compaction, mild compaction, and maximum compaction. See the SPORE Pressure Experiment 1 page for more details.
  • I’ve also finished or reworked several sections of the Experiment 1 page.
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