Lunar SPORE Project Update 41

SPORE Project Update

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on the Lunar SPORE project.

Work on the project today:

  • I started research what materials I can use to simulate the regolith and mega-regolith today. It’s going to be basalt, obviously.
  • I’ve decided to remove porosity as one of the parameters because I’m not sure how to adequately set that up for each run. I understand how to measure it after the run (pore volume = total volume − material volume) but getting an accurate material volume would require a volumetric test with water. I really don’t want to get my samples wet because I’ll have to dry them out before the next run (and I don’t have access to an industrial-sized dehydrator).
  • I included particle size distribution as one of the parameters. And I’m going to make it simple but I’m not sure how just yet.
  • I’ve also made the dimensions of the pressurized container holding the regolith smaller. 50 cm by 50 cm is just too big. It would cost me a fortune to buy that much crushed basalt (based on a few online prices I found). Plus, I have no place to store that much rock.
  • I’ve found some local landscaping companies that may have crushed basalt. I’ll call them tomorrow.
  • I’ve continued to work on the join LH/Moon Society Lunar Electric Motor Contest. I plan to get a proposal and preliminary budget together by the end of the week.
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