Lunar SPORE Project Update 30

SPORE Project Update

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on the Lunar SPORE project.Work on the project today:

  • It’s been a while. Sorry about that. So, I’ve been thinking about running some actual experiments. The first set of experiments I need are the pressure leakage experiments. How much oxygen will leak through the regolith/mega-regolith and be lost? Of course, the regolith is highly variable so any data I generate will be of limited use when someone actually tries to build a SPORE unit. But it may be good enough for “Proof of Concept”.
  • I’ve updated the SPORE Project Outline page to reflect this.
  • I’m going to run these experiments while I’m conducting literature research into other aspects of the SPORE Project, such as the Basalt project.
  • I updated the SPORE Apollo 12 Regolith and Mega-Regolith Characterization and the SPORE Pressure Experiment 1 pages as well. I’m going to need to collect more data on the Apollo 12 regolith and mega-regolith before I can build the first experiment.
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