LH Survival Guide Update 2

LH Survival Guide UpdateWriting a book is hard. It’s a huge number of small steps finishing with something you hope people will want to read. Something they will find value in. Anyway, here’s the steps I took today to move the Lunar Homesteader’s Survival Guide a little further down the path.Today’s actions:

  • I’m setting a goal and a deadline.
    • Goal: There’s 16 main chapters in the book. The only way I can get this thing done in a reasonable time is to knock out 8 chapters each month. I don’t know if it’s even possible but that’s the goal.
      • The goal for March is to finish the Lunar Homesteading chapter, the Lunar Frontier chapter, and the Why live on Luna chapter. Honestly, I need all of this stuff anyway to start filling out the FAQ section on the website.
      • April – Physical threats and Air solutions
      • May – Resource extraction solutions and Water solutions
      • June – Shelter solutions and Food solutions
      • July – Psychological threats and Health solutions
      • August – Energy solutions and Waste solutions
      • September – Financial solutions, Transportation solutions, and Homestead security solutions (this chapter won’t be very long)
      • October – Finish everything up
    • Deadline: I want the rough draft of the book ready for a first pass edit by November 1, 2019. The final draft needs to be done by December 1, 2019.
  • Finished the Front Matter section. Well, as much as I can at this point.
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