SPORE Surface Functions

SPORE Surface Functions

Just a little brainstorming page for what functions need to be directly on the Lunar surface versus what can be sub-surface (with surface access) and subterranean (no surface access). Let me know (email or Discord) if you have anything to add or suggestions. (I know, it’s not my best drawing. I was tired and just wanted to post this).

Lunar Homesteads are primarily underground structures. Being underground provides protection from the hostile surface environment. However, Homesteads will still need access to the surface for a variety of functions. This page will define these needs and provide design solutions.

Functions that require surface access (Direct access to the sky)(Level 0)

  • Sunlight collection
    • Redirect sunlight to facilities in Level 1
  • Landing pad
    • Lowers lander to Space port (minimizes surface time)
    • Provides surface access to vehicle bay
  • Communications – Just the antennas. Everything else should be underground
  • Heat radiation – Construct permanently shaded heat radiators to dump excess heat
  • Astronomy
  • Observation dome
    • Surface observing/morale boosting
    • Shielded observation periscope


Functions that require near surface access (just beneath the regolith blanket)(Level 1)

  • Solar power generation
    • Use directed sunlight to power solar thermal generators
  • Solar Forge
    • Use directed sunlight to process regolith/mega-regolith
    • Use directed sunlight to cast/forge/sinter parts
  • Space port (with vehicle airlock)
    • Cargo loading/offloading
    • Maintenance
    • Refueling
    • Construction
  • Vehicle bay (for Lunar surface vehicles)(with vehicle airlock)
    • Cargo loading/offloading
    • Maintenance
    • Refueling
    • Construction
  • Algae production (life support, fuel, fertilizer, plastics)
    • Directed sunlight
  • Agriculture
    • Directed sunlight


Functions that can be completely sub-surface (Level 2+)

  • Living spaces
  • Workshops/manufacturing
  • Storage
    • Goods
    • Raw materials
    • Energy
  • Life support
    • Air purification
    • Waste purification
    • Thermal control
    • Water purification
  • Control center
  • Agriculture
    • Using 100% artificial light
    • Requires a stable power supply


Let me know what else I can add to this list.

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