Research Update 1

Crew-Led Research Update

Research is a core component of the LH mission. There’s a lot we need to figure out. And there just isn’t the desire or funding for substantial government and corporate research into these topics. Here’s what we’ve been working on.
Today’s progress:

  • Started work on the LH Research Manual. This e-document will be available for all Crew Members ($2 or more a month tier on Patreon). I’ve got two reasons for creating this document:
    • To help people conduct meaningful research into topics that interest them. Most people are confused and intimidated by the concept of research. I want to show people that anyone can be a scientist and conduct good research.
    • To help people put their research into a standardized, usable format. Then I can put their research on the website.
  • When I finish the Introduction I’ll post it on the website as a “teaser”.
  • Join the Crew and contact me if you’re interested in helping me write and refine the LH Research Manual. The more people that contribute to it, the better it will be.
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