Lunar Iron Project Update 53

Update - Still working!

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on this project.

Work on the project today:

  • Phase 3! Today I worked on the plan of attack.
    • The first step is to decide on the Lunar Homestead Experimental Location. Why? Because there is a lot of variability in the composition of regolith from region to region. Picking a site that optimizes iron extraction does several things:
      • It reduces the number of variables to a single location.
      • The site selected should have physical samples available. Basically one of the Apollo sites. Physical samples give us a much better idea of what’s available than remote sensing.
      • Iron is what we’re interested in so we should go to where it’s in the highest concentrations and in the most usable forms.
      • We can design equipment optimized for one location and then tweak it to work at all locations.
    • The next step is to gather all the information we have on the regolith at the chosen site. The goal is to either buy or make realistic regolith simulants.
    • The third step is gather all the information, ideas, and experimental data on as many ways we can excavate and move regolith from the Lunar surface to our Homestead regolith processing facility. People have been thinking about this for decades so it’s time to hit the books and see where the science is.
    • Experiment!
  • Updated the Lunar Iron Project Outline.
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