LH Business Update 3

LH Business Update

Hi there! This is a Lunar Homestead Business Update post. Exciting! This is where I let you know what else I’ve been working on besides the current project(s). As much as I’d like to spend 100% of my time researching, that’s just not possible. So I want to keep you up-to-date on what else I’m working on for Lunar Homestead.

Today’s work:

  • Worked on setting up Lunar Homestead’s Google account. Primarily, I did it because several things I read said that Google Plus can be a powerful networking tool. I’m bored with creating a new custom header for each of these social media sites so I just stuck in a photo of the Lunar surface. I think it will do for now.
  • Started cleaning up and reorganizing the website. I’m a couple of months into this now and I have a better idea of how I want the site to look and flow. I also added Yoast SEO plug-in to WordPress. It’s free and it will help me make the pages and posts more search engine friendly. I’ll need to look at everything currently on the site and make some improvements.
  • Completely reworked the Resources section. I didn’t really have a plan for this section to begin with and I just wanted someplace to stick all the resources I was finding. It was just a mess. I had originally thought that I would save all the papers, books, and websites that I found. Even the ones I didn’t use. Unfortunately, that would require a massive amount of time and effort. So for now I’m only including links to websites, books, etc. that I use often or need to look at. Resources that I’ve referenced in my research are linked at the bottom of the article.
  • All of this effort is because I’m going to start actively telling people about Lunar Homestead. I want the site to look and function as well as possible. Let me know if you have any constructive suggestions.
  • I also joined the Moon Society today! I can’t wait to start networking and helping out. Check out my short review if you want more information.
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