LH Business Update 2

Hi there! This is a Lunar Homestead Business Update post. Exciting! This is where I let you know what else I’ve been working on besides the current project(s). As much as I’d like to spend 100% of my time researching, that’s just not possible. So I want to keep you up-to-date on what else I’m working on for Lunar Homestead.

Today’s work:

  • Not much work on the project today. Life kinda got in the way. I did manage to work on some LH business though.
  • Spent some time working on the Lunar Homestead Facebook page. Just like Twitter, Facebook doesn’t care for the banner image I use on the website so I had to create one that worked. Everything takes so much time. Also like Twitter, I don’t particularly care for social media but I recognize it’s importance in our society.
  • Got rid of the Luna Database page. The Moon Society already has Lunarpedia up and running. There’s no point in me duplicating their effort. I’ll start linking to Lunarpedia for reference information. I’ll also join Moon Society tomorrow (I just don’t have time tonight) and start working on Lunarpedia soon after. I was a member many years ago but I got frustrated and left. Sorry, Moon Society. I’ll do better this time. I’ve also written a short review on the Moon Society if you’re interested.
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