LH Business Update 1

LH Business Update

Hi there! This is a Lunar Homestead Business Update post. Exciting! This is where I let you know what else I’ve been working on besides the current project. As much as I’d like to spend 100% of my time researching, that’s just not possible. So I want to keep you up-to-date on what else I’m working on for Lunar Homestead.

Today’s work:

  • Finally got Twitter up and running. I finally decided to make a new banner after failing to make the one on the website work. I’m not a huge fan of social media but I’m a realist and I want LH to succeed. The page for the official LH Twitter account is @LunarHomestead (twitter.com/LunarHomestead).  And I would be ever so grateful if you would follow Lunar Homestead on Twitter. Please. 😉
  • Started messing with Facebook. It’s going to take a little bit more time.
  • I’ve been researching using Patreon (www.patreon.com/) as an additional way to generate revenue for Lunar Homestead. It sounds good but I’m not sure the reward is worth the effort.
  • Speaking of rewards, I’ve also been researching various ways I can reward Lunar Homestead supporters. I know, we’re all in it for the science. But it’s nice to be recognized. And the occasional shiny doesn’t hurt either.
  • I’ve also started thinking of ways I can start getting the word out. I know right now I’m probably talking to myself. But that needs to change if Lunar Homestead is going to be viable.
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