Lunar Iron Project Update 46

Update - Still working!

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on this project.

Work on the project today:

  • Done! Huzzah! This section took way longer than I anticipated. Check out the new and improved Atmospheric Pressure and Composition page for all the details.
  • The  result of this research is that I’ve decided that the one Standard Lunar Homestead Atmosphere will be 78% nitrogen/21% oxygen at 70.11kPa (equivalent to 3000 meters elevation).
  • I’ve also decided that Homesteaders should be able to choose the atmosphere they want. So we’ll need to design habitats that can handle one SLHA (70.11 kPa) to one standard atmosphere (101.325 kPa). And throw in another 2 kPa for water vapor and carbon dioxide.
  • Started working on the next parameter for our Lunar Homestead habitat pressure hull, Size and Shape (which includes hull thickness).
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