Lunar Iron Project Update 11

Update - Still working!

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on this project.

Work on the project today:

  • Added a small section to What is Lunar Homesteading? Just an idea I had about early Homesteaders making the trip one-way only.
  • Added to the Lunar Free Iron (more data!) and Projects (added a table with lots of applications for iron) posts.
  • Finished data mining Space Resources: Vol 3 Materials. Wow. That is an interesting book. I kept getting sidetracked by all the cool ideas for processing the ore. But that’s for a later phase of the project.  J
  • Also finished data mining Report of the in-situ resources utilization workshop. Lots of good idea but little hard data.
  • Also finished Lunar Surface: Dust Dynamics and Regolith Mechanics. I’m going to be referring to this paper a lot when I get to moving and using regolith. It also has a potentially useful section on regolith simulants.
  • Started data mining Extraterrestrial Materials Processing and Construction. This is another huge document that will take me a while to get through.
  • I think I’ll slow down on the primary research and consolidate the data I already have. It may be enough to move on with Phase One.


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