Lunar Iron Project Update 7

Update - Still working!

Hi there. Just wanted to let you know I’m still working on this project.

Work on the project today:

  • Continued to work on the Mineral Iron page.
  • Finished data mining Geologic History of the Moon, To a Rocky Moon: A Geologist’s History of Lunar Exploration, and Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century.
  • Started data mining A Global Lunar Landing Site Study to Provide the Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon.
  • I think I have a pretty good idea of where our science is for what types of iron we might encounter and where to find them. There’s a lot more we need to know though. There are some more resources I want to read before I’m ready to move on.
  • I’m starting to think that restricting initial sites to Apollo landing sites isn’t the way to go. Sure, we have some samples from these locations but there is a lot of variability in the samples. We might be better off dropping a Homestead into the middle of a mare where we think there might be more iron. In the end we want Homesteads all over Luna, maria and highlands. So we better figure out how to extract and use iron everywhere.
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