The American Lunar Society

UPDATE – The ALS website is now gone so they are officially closed. I sure hope I pulled all the useful info off the site.

The American Lunar Society is/was dedicated to the observational study of Luna. ALS looks like it has been dormant for years. There’s still some good information on the site if you’re willing to hunt a little. There are pages on how to observe, photograph, and video Luna yourself. It’s worth checking out.

Name:  The American Lunar Society

Website: [BAD LINK]


No stated mission but my guess would be scientific research through direct Lunar observation and analyzing Lunar probe data. And educating the general public by teaching them how to scientifically observe Luna.

Legal status





  • Lunar observer certification – A great idea! Get people interested in Luna by spending time observing its features. Unfortunately, ALS seems dormant so I doubt you could get a certificate anymore. The good news is that you can use the certificate requirements as a way to teach yourself about Luna. You can even print yourself a fancy certificate!


$15/year. By MAIL. No way to sign up online. I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. The ALS seems dormant and even the page showcasing their newsletter hasn’t been updated since 2014. Plus, a Moon Society membership includes a subscription to the ALS newsletter. If it even exists anymore.

Membership perks

  • Selenology – Quarterly newsletter – The last issue was in 2014 according to the website. And that page is hosted by a different organization so ALS may not even be involved.


My thoughts

Too bad the American Lunar Society isn’t active anymore. What they were doing had real value. And I think I would have enjoyed being an active member/partner.

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