WayPaver Foundation

WayPaver Foundation

“WayPaver Foundation is a research-guided grant making institution that supports science and technology development in furtherance of lunar settlement. We are dedicated to creating a future where humans live sustainably on the Moon, Earth, and beyond. Through collaborative research and targeted grant making, we help advance technology that will not only help open the lunar frontier to humankind but also improve quality of life for billions of people around the world”.

Name:  WayPaver Foundation

Website: waypaverfoundation.org



“WayPaver Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to addressing humanity’s greatest challenges by enabling sustainable Lunar settlement”.


Legal status

501(c)(3) Tax deductible public charity



WayPaver Foundation was established in 2015 and is based in Chattanooga, TN.



  • Lunar Settlement Index  – This is WayPaver Foundation’s online database. It’s purpose is to identify roadblocks to permanent Lunar settlement and their possible solutions. Currently, it looks like the LSI has been inactive since September 2016. Most of the categories are empty placeholders. Others had a few references, and links, to relevant scientific papers. There was no indication that anyone is currently working on these roadblocks.
  • WayPaver claims to be a grant-making organization but I could find no evidence of this activity (as of July 17, 2018).
  • No other projects were listed as of July 17, 2018.
  • The CEO, Michael Mealling, is also the Moon Society’s current President. Hopefully a close relationship between the two organizations will result in some great things!



Starting at $12/month. There are also one-time payment options.


Membership perks

  • For $12/month you get Why We Go, the WayPaver quarterly publication featuring articles from experts on the social and economic benefits of investing in Lunar settlement. You can look at the first issue for free. Having your name listed on the website as a supporter is also mentioned as a perk but I couldn’t find any such page.




My thoughts

WayPaver seems like a good idea that hasn’t taken off yet. Their Lunar Settlement Index is little more than a short list of very broadly defined challenges. And there is no evidence of grant-making activity. The newsletter was interesting but not worth $12 per month for only 4 issues a year. Maybe all they need are a couple of dedicated volunteers and an active membership base.

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